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Wyndham Park Nursery School

Autumn treasure hunts! 

This term we have been exploring the nursery garden for Autumn treasures!

We talked about Autumn and the changes we could see on the trees and floor. Then we went searching for exciting things to bring back and show each other!!! Everyone did a brilliant job of searching the garden for interesting leaves, sticks, pine cones, acorns and conkers! When we had collected our Autumn treasures we gathered together in our small groups to talk about what we had found!

One of the groups described what they had found by making up a little poem....

"I found a conker 
A round, shiney, brown shape 
Cold and smooth. 
I wonder what's inside? 
Is it water? 
Is it wind? 
Is it a tiny tree? 
It's soft inside. 
It smells like peas."