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Wyndham Park Nursery School

Caterpillars and Butterflies

This term we have been learning about the lifecycle of a butterfly!

Each classroom had a special pot of 5 tiny caterpillars to observe. They started off very small, but quickly grew bigger and fatter! The children were fascinated as they watched our caterpillars grow and change! After a couple of weeks, the caterpillars each crawled to the top of their pot and turned into a chrysalis! "It's like a little sleeping bag!!!" one of the children told us! We waited patiently for a little bit longer and then.....we watched the butterflies emerge from the chrysalides! It was so exciting!!! After a few days, we set the butterflies free in our garden. As they came out of the net, each butterfly flew around the circle of children before flying away! 

We've been busy with lots of caterpillar and butterfly themed activities this term. Lots of children had a go at making split pin caterpillars, printing caterpillars with paint and different objects, making butterfly patterns with various small resources and painting symmetrical butterflies by folding our paintings in half before they dried!