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Wyndham Park Nursery School

New St. George Morris Dancers

It's time for the New St. George Morris dancing group's annual visit to Wyndham Park Nursery School again!

Every year, Daphne and her team come to perform some traditional Morris Dancing for the children and parents. We watched them perform several dances with flags, bells, sticks and claps, and we tried to join in when we could! They showed us the musical instruments they used to play the songs too, we saw a violin and some melodeons! It was fun to try and guess which tunes they were playing, like Humpty Dumpty!

Then we all made a big circle and the Morris Dancers taught us a new dance to try! We had to walk around, tap our legs, chest, head, and feet, and jump up and down, before shouting "Oi!!!!" as loud as we could! 

Thank you for coming to visit and perform for us New St. George! See you next year!!!