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Wyndham Park Nursery School

Valentines Day biscuits!

The children have been very busy baking heart shaped biscuits this week!

They shared the recipe, measuring the ingredients on the scales. As they mixed, the dough got really hard to stir, so that had to use their strong arm and shoulder muscles! They rolled out the dough and used a heart shaped cutter to make the biscuit shapes.

The next day, the children helped to make the icing for the biscuits. They had to try and work out how to make the bowl of icing sugar turn into pink, drippy icing! Some children thought the icing sugar would stick on its own, so we tested it...all the sugar fell off! Oh no! "We need to put some water in it!" one of the children suggested....Good idea! That worked! They mixed a little bit of water and food colouring into the icing sugar and it changed into lovely pink and purple icing for us to drip and spread onto the biscuits! Then the children chose some toppings to put on their biscuits and sprinkled them over the icing.

When the biscuits are ready, the children are going to take them home to surprise someone they love on Valentines Day!