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Wyndham Park Nursery School

Autumn poem

Over the last few weeks the children have been collecting Autumn leaves, conkers and acorns and bringing them into nursery to show us!

The children in Yellow Class decided to make an Autumn collage using the things they had found outside. When it was dry, they looked at the collage and came up with some words to describe it.

"Leaves, conkers, acorns, green, seeds, helicopters, brown, prickly, shiny, Autumn..."

One of the children told the class "Squirrels collect acorns in their tree houses to eat later!"

Next, the children had a go at writing their own Autumn poem, using their collage as inspiration.

'Look what we found,                                                                                                                                Some acorns,                                                                                                                                                 They came from the trees,                                                                                                                            Brown and green, like nuts,                                                                                                                           Squirrels collect them.'

Maybe they'll write some more poems soon!

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